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4 Little Known Ways To Connect With Your Audience


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As  Will McKitterick stated in his blog post that there are many benefits to using mobile devices and messaging app in today’s marketplace.

There is no doubt that telling a story that resonates with your audience could be something simple as sharing a video or results of your team progress.

Due to videos being a powerful Facebook opportunity, it will cause more engagement with your post or website. For example, you could have a piece of content or page on your blog site that you can share with your target client.

Obviously, to develop a successful business, you have to create content that connects and engages your audience.

                           4 Ways to Connect With Your Audience


(1) First, building a relationship is one way to interact with your ideal audience by addressing him or her by name. Social media today is a great way to reach your potential client.

(2) In addition to your interaction, it allowed you to build trust with your prospect and become a resource that solves your customer problems. For example, asking questions, you certainly can find what area your product and service could improve their business through social media websites.

(3) One of the best ways is to improve your connection is to have one-on-one interactions with them.

(4) As a result of creating ads, you can also reach new clients. In fact, digital ads can reach 38% of their target audience so by utilizing Facebook app as a tool you definitely can reach about 89% of fans on Facebook.


You don’t have to be a professional writer to create a great blog post. You just have to make sure that your blog provides value to your readers. And when your content provides great value, your blog can become a powerful marketing tool.

Here are 6 tips to help you get more readers when you write your next blog post, whether it’s today or tomorrow.

1. Stay Relevant

Your audience reads your blog because it’s something that they are interested in. If you suddenly write a new post that’s totally off topic you’ll not only confuse your readers, but you’ll also confuse the search engines. Even if your ‘off-topic’ post is the best of its kind ever created, your market won’t like it and you’ll get very little organic traffic. Stay with topics that are appropriate to your industry.

2. Write Content That Is Timeless

When you focus on content that is timeless or evergreen, it will provide you with traffic, social media shares and potential sales for the long-term. Concentrate on solving a problem that people will always have.

3. Tell Them Everything

When have you written your blog post, just before you publish it, ask yourself if there is anything else your reader needs to know? If somebody has to click away from your page to look for more information about the content you wrote, you have not produced a one-stop resource to help them.

4. Be Controversial

Do you ever say something that has never been said before about a particular idea or topic? When you write about things that nobody in your market has done before, you’ll buck the trend and raise a few eyebrows. Having an alternative view or disproving a popular myth, is a great way to get your content read and shared on a big scale.

5. Provide The Ultimate Solution

Imagine that somebody reads your blog and you show them how to solve the one problem that has been bothering them for ages. How do you think that reader will feel about your content? They are most likely going to read everything you write from there on. Writing blog posts that solve problems will get you more readers.

6. Use Pictures and Videos

remember to include videos, pictures, and graphics with content. Would you read a huge chunk of text with no pictures? Probably not. Break up your text with appropriate graphics and videos. This has been proven to increase the social share factor of online content which gets you more readers.

Obviously, over half of video views are viewed on mobile devices.

In conclusion to this article by connecting and staying engaged with your audience and finding out what are they struggling with the most in their business allow you to build a stronger connection and build authority in the marketplace.

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