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4 Ways to Attracting Your Target Audience

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When I started Proven Online Marketing Strategy For Small Business, I really didn’t have much of a niche
or target audience in mind like ducks in a shadow pond, my content was very broad.

I created content about anything that interested me and that I thought other people
might enjoy reading such as personal development, blogging tips, and driving traffic to your blog.

I began to realize that I could reach a lot more people if I wrote about a topic that reader is searching for.


Now I’m not telling you to believe in imaginary friends although it does go along with brainstorming.

You want to have a clear understanding of the importance of writing with purpose with your target audience
in mind.

For this reason, once you have discovered that you’re going to write with a purpose you have chosen to
give your content its best chance of attracting the right audience.

For example, let’s say a new reader saw an image about ways to improve your recruiting efforts on Pinterest.

This blog reader, for this example, is John and he click the image and started reading and is pretty
amazed at the tips you’ve written about.

He sees this value pack post that knows one else is talking about and decides to click it.

Now think for a minute if that image attracted him to your blog he may read more of the content on your blog
and by doing so there a chance he might fall in love with your blog and share more of your articles.

Obviously, he’s more interested in the topic because you have now moved him from Pinterest to your blog
and starting to consume more of your content and share it with his audience.

If you want to create messages that resonate with your audience, you need to know what they care about.

Because your blog and article are focus on a particle niche instead of a broad topic you’re much likely to grow
your traffic and increase your income without an advertising campaign.

Furthermore, in order to attract a new reader, it really comes down to knowing who your idea avatar and how your content can improve or heal that taking pain they were experiencing.

Certainly, when you know exactly who your idea avatar is then you can tailor your content to that specific audience and since John is interested in learning about ways to improve your recruiting efforts what other forms of a topic he may find interest?

In fact, when you attract a loyal reader to your content you want to give them that sense of feeling as if your content was written just for them.

before I took blogging seriously I just wrote about anything that interested me and some tips and strategy I learn from the course and online training for my blog reader.

I feel that once you know your audience you will find that knowing what to write about and finding new topics
comes to a lot easier when your focus is clear.

On the other hand, if you’re truly passionately about a what you have experience with and enjoy helping your target audience then you will attract more reader to your content.

As you can see that when you know who you’re writing for I hope that this post has given you an idea of these 4 things.

  • Whos your idea avatar
  • become the focus of their need and pain
  • How would your service change their life
  • Prioritizing your time to only the important things

Now that you’re clear you can begin attracting the right target audience in your life and business.

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