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4 Important ways to discover your personal branding skills

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What is your story?I believe that becoming knowledgeable in today’s industry and establishing your personal branding image is one of the most overlooks for a new distributor in the marketplace.

From a brand perspective, you want your message to be relevant to your customer needs in mind.

First, the benefit of this approach is that it allows you to communicate directly with your audience.

Obviously, the more relevant the content appears, the more influence it becomes.

Now the best way of building a brand and find out what matters to your target audience is to ask them about the problems they’re having in their business.
For example, when it comes to selling any product on the internet, in my opinion, there is one method of promotion which beats every other hand down and that’s personal branding.
Now, imagine a visitor has arrived at your site – with a problem, question or need relating to your product.

The best secret is to give valuable information. Another effective way to do this is to give your website visitors a free book download with solution related to there problems.

The whole purpose of your book is to engage your reader to click through to your main product.

I believe that personal branding and build credibility and authority in the marketplace is what separate yourself from others that meet the qualifications of the position.

If YOU are serious about building authority, we suggest you take the time to learn how to better brand yourself to reach your audience.

  • Find and leverage strong brands
  • Find ways to add value to your audience
  • Decide and lay out your core values
  • Network all the time.

  Creating Your Personal Branding Image

In today’s technology search engines and, more importantly, social media, it is not hard to develop your presence.

Obviously, your brand should provide the best service in the marketplace and show that you’re Knowledgeable about the topic.

Now you may have herded it before and thinking what is a brand? Spend a little time thinking about what makes you different and how to separate yourself above and beyond the rest.

Creating high-quality content is an extremely important part and one of the best ways to articulate your skills.

Also creating your brand around the many problems businesses face in today’s market and what they can expect from your products and services.

In conclusion, as you continue educating yourself while you help enough people’s create their personal branding image and Give them what they want.

Indeed you initially will get what you want in the end through the value your service offers as you continue to brand yourself.



Technology is influencing our way of acting, it influences our know-how and marketers must adapt to it. In the industrial era thought was linear and organizations and knowledge structure were very linear. Nowadays quantum physics is showing a more organic and unpredictable way of seeing things. Having this in mind will enable us to adopt more careful.

This connection with the latest technological development is influencing publishers to adapt or die. One those trends are the increased use of “fringe” social hubs. Brands with a broader presence will certainly be sort of less skeptical when publishing content via social hubs that were considered in the past “fringe.” As time goes by we are also noticing many interesting ways of interactive content, one of those is through 360 views photo just like a virtual 360 view. The other trend is the use of animated GIFs dominating newsfeeds and timelines. These two will continue its growth for the next years.

Based on technology once again, algorithms are now to generate content. We are now listening the introduction of artificial intelligence in content generation which will be a game-changer

Balancing SEO, SMM, UX, and analytics. We are noticing that a proper mix of SEO, SMM, UX, and analytics can help you reap rich rewards when you value their importance equally and treat them as one rather than individual components

Paid Social. We noticed that back in 2015 there was a big growth on promoted posts. For example, Twitter was 75%, Facebook, 80% and LinkedIn 65%. Organic reach, of course, continues to dwindle as social networks aggressively push for advertising on their platforms. It’s time to catch up on the paid social approach as this is just getting bigger

New publishing options in social media. Instant articles on Facebook can now help publishers give their content more visibility in comparison to content on their native publishing platforms.

Real-time aggregated content is on the ride. One example is Twitter’s Curator. News channels will face huge competition from personal branding serving real-time updates of events as they happen.

Fringe social hubs. Brands with a broader presence will certainly be sort of less skeptical when publishing content via social hubs that were considered in the past “fringe.” Those “fringe” hubs are becoming mainstream. Content strategies are centered on Snapchat and Instagram and will only increase in 2016.

Influencer marketing. Brands can generate higher sales by harnessing the reach of influencers. According to a study by McKinsey, such campaigns had a 35% more retention rate than paid ads and fetched an ROI of $9.6/$1 this year from $6.85 in 2014. Influencer’s reach is cost-effective. Influence marketing will be a part of every content marketing strategy in 2016.

Visual content such as infographics will continue enabling marketers to deliver personalized content. Global internet speed grew by 17% in a single year. Slow internet connection is not a problem anymore, therefore delivering cool graphic-oriented content should be paramount to implement for the next years.

Mobile marketing will rise even higher. There will be more mobile access to new audiences as time goes by. It has remained constant as years pass by but it will just get higher and higher in the next years.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Facebook’s main strategy for the next years is augmented reality. Creating virtual reality-based content will allow marketers to explore a new frontier of content assimilation. This will give a push for big brands. Facebook’s new 360 video option is opening a whole new realm of content creation possibilities.

Knowledge Graph. With the introduction of Google’s Knowledge Graph feature. Brands have started focusing on ranking for long-tail keywords. This will be one of the main key drivers that will define SEO in 2016.

Finally, make this year the time to establish real bonds between customers and your brand. Do internal marketing at your organization, company or startup in order to reduce resistance. Marketers surveyed lamented the main reason they aren’t building stronger bonds with customers is due to internal resistance. To deliver a compelling brand to customers means marketers need to effectively engage and cut across an organization. This is neither easy nor welcome, but it appears many agree. Improving the product offering is the #1-way marketers feel customer intimacy can be improved.


“A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together,

account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. “


Make your brand essential by striving toward personalization, relevance, and anticipation. Marketers stated customer service is where they can most effectively build intimacy. They also indicated that the majority of their customers associate their brands with the Brand Intimacy archetype of fulfillment: exceeding expectations, delivering superior service, quality, and efficacy. Focus on keeping customers fulfilled and engaged with your brand by continuously delighting them.

Good storytelling and generating emotional response among your target audience will be more important than ever this year – how this content is delivered, though, is key. App development and content for an instant society. The 5 most popular messaging apps feature 3.5 billion monthly active users, according to Statista, and marketers are beginning to take notice. Facebook has already integrated personal branding campaigns into Facebook Messenger and plans to do more of this come Spring 2016. WhatsApp is opening up their platform for business accounts. Snapchat has introduced Snapchat Discover and the option for any advertiser or individual to create their own geo filter with Snapchat on Demand. Messaging is already huge in the digital world. Expect digital marketers to make it even bigger.


A trend towards longer sales funnels where digital marketers provide an increasingly high level of value upfront, before moving towards asking for an email address or moving into a sales sequence. This will usually be in the form of content marketing – via blog posts, YouTube videos, and webinars, as well as through the rapidly growing live video space using platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live. The most successful digital marketers will be those who are able to establish a high level of trust before asking potential clients and customers for the sale. This is additional work for marketers because they will have to strategically craft a large amount of free content, but the rewards will come in the form of an easier sell when they do ask for it, simply because they have already established authority and trust with the prospect.

Big data and real-time analytics. Historically, marketers viewed data as something static and tied to reporting. But data is now more dynamic, accessible, and broadly understood. This will open up new opportunities for messaging optimization – but, more importantly, this access to data will challenge marketers to become nimbler and responsive.


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