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All You Want to Know About Social Media Marketing in 2017

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Social Media marketing


Recently, Social Media Marketing has exploded, marketing experts have also not been left out, they have followed suit, seeking to make utmost benefit from the potential of these platforms. This marketing is a very resourceful, advantageous and an efficient platform in that; It’s cheap, it captures the right audience, it’s easy to handle, and it’s the right option for a person willing to put a little effort to get factual information.


Despite the fact that this has many points of interest, online networking showcasing likewise has mishaps. The vital misfortune being that there’s a lot of it. This makes even the most advanced online networking advertisers have an extreme time tracking the patterns in the social scene and therefore experience serious difficulties while promoting. Despite the fact that, may demonstrate hard, fortunately by following basic hints web-based social networking showcasing is extremely effective. The following are the tips.


Create more video content

The 21st century has seen advancements is web2. 0 Sites Such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Videos have also become widespread in these sites. Almost everyone has an account on the sites and a single post a video fetches over a million views. By utilizing this sites, marketers have thus the advantage of capturing a great audience.

Also, Videos, in particular, keep marketers at an added advantage as they enable interactive and real-time connection, this is especially the case with live streaming. Thus, by creating video content, social media marketing is placed at an advantage.

Concentrate on Going Mobile

Tablets and smartphones have continuously become prevalent the fact that IT giants like Facebook and Google have accentuated on. Social media marketers wishing to thrive should pay attention to platforms that are mobile friendly such as pages that are feature responsive. More so, the marketers need also to pay attention to emerging platforms that are performing well on mobile e.g. snap chat, they should aim at making the most out of them.


Be focused

The best online networking advertisers bring up the purpose behind their achievement in centering their promoting purpose and focus on the certain gathering of people instead of persuading each one of their items. Focusing on particular audience guarantees you get the most out of the advertising ventures. The technique likewise guarantees one coordinates their endeavors where it will breed the best outcomes.

Ensuring quality content

The quality of the content you’ll provide is the key determinant of whether or not social media marketing will be a success. Always provide high ranking content to your potential customer and audience. Quality content communicated positively to your audience eloquently gets your message across, this helps attract people, and once attracted will stick with you for long.

Lastly, social media marketing is a very fertile ground as far as advertising services or a brand is concerned, however, if not well handle, it may prove a tough undertaking, but by following the above tips it will become a success.


” Trustworthy content has a balanced point of view.

It asks and answers the right questions. It doesn’t love itself. “



Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Is Missing the Mark

Today, a great Social Media Strategy is more important than you had ever anticipated. And for anyone who isn’t presently feeling the pain from its neglect, will eventually do. However, this enlightenment alone is of little good if Social Media Strategy tools aren’t utilized in the desired way. You may be an active player in this game, but the goal alone is not enough to help you slide by, and sooner or later you are bound to get penalized by it.

If you have been a part of the Social Media (SM) realm for quite some time now but are still waiting to wake up to a field day, read on to know why your business is missing the social media mark and how to avoid it.

1. Short-lived commitment

Social Media is fun, to begin with, but one of the commonest pitfalls witnessed by businesses using social media is a swift decline in interest. Sans regular posts with increasingly useful content, followers will become disinterested and unresponsive. But this is a no-sweat affair. To ensure that you always keep your followers engaged, make social media account management part of your daily routine. Also, you do not necessarily have to spend hours, 10-20 minutes is all it takes to see a considerable difference. And for anyone who finds it difficult to commit, there are great SM management companies who can take care of everything on your behalf.

2. More is not always ideal

Your fans/ followers want to be updated with what’s latest but that does not mean you overload them with redundant stuff. While sharing memes and viral content are definitely a part of successful Social Media Marketing Strategy, they can’t be random. Posting too much or too little can kill your followers (not literally) and affect your business. Inform your followers, don’t intimidate them. Creating a perfect balance between how many numbers of posts you must share depends on how much interactive the content really is. For instance, social media channels of sports brands need to have instant updates, so in that case, there is no limit to how much you can share because your followers want to know every bit of stuff happening in the sports world.

3. Post and forget

If there is a lack of engagement from your end towards user comments/ questions, know that you’ve mastered the art of putting off your followers, and this is no good news. You must respect your followers’ time as much as you respect yours. If they are taking time to respond/ ask questions/ or seek advice – reciprocate, ALWAYS.

4. Cross-platform posting

Another unforgivable mistake that businesses often make is posting the same content across platforms. While Twitter celebrates #, so many of them might make your Facebook post distasteful (and frankly speaking won’t make sense). Take some time to personalize your descriptors and omit those extra hashtags, adding a tinge of professionalism to them. Read about what’s trending and tweak the text to make it more presentable and relevant. This is of utmost importance to your Social Media Strategy.

5. Not fully milking profile features

Detailed pieces rarely catch anyone’s fancy on SM or they sometimes do. Incomplete profiles only speak of your lack of commitment. Whether it’s the ‘about me’ section on Facebook or your ‘bio’ on Twitter – this is your chance to tell the world what you do and how you do it; make it impressive and write your heart out.

6. Text-only posts

If you’ve been on SM yourself, this is a no-brainer that visually creative posts do better than regular texts. Visually rich content is bound to attract new followers and keep the existing ones entertained. Try and incorporate as many pictures, videos, graphics, infographics etc. in your posts to see a significant rise in engagement levels. This is one of the most useful traits of an effective Social Media Strategy and must be followed religiously.

Whether you own a local business or man a global enterprise, having a smart and robust Social Media marketing Strategy will certainly help you grow your customer base and maximize profits. Steer clear of the above-mentioned snares and use these easy fixes to repair a broken down social media campaign.


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