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What are the Best Times to Post on Facebook and Twitter?

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What are the Best Times to Post on Facebook and Twitter?

I’m a big fan of social media for business purposes and believe certain social networks are important for business growth.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have millions of users each day and a simple post shared can generate thousands of visitors in a single day.

They are great for brand awareness, user engagement, and increasing conversions. However, just like everything else you do online, it’s important you test what works well on these social platforms.

This means to find out what days, times, and the type of content generates the most buzz. If you can optimize your social media strategy, then you can grow your business 2X in a simple month.

However, the key is to know what are the right days and times to post online.Facebook and Twitter

I did some research, gathering data from people who have conducted case studies on social media networks.

Here’s the information I was able to gather, which will help answer important questions regarding using social media habits.

I’m going to keep everything simple and right to the point, so it’s easier to understand.


Best “Days” to Post- Facebook

First, 86% of posts are published on social media networks during the work week with a Thursday and Friday being the most active days.

From the statistics, it was noticed engagement rates dropped from Monday-Wednesday by 3.5%, which has been attributed to it still being the beginning of the work week and catching up on emails.

The lowest engagement was seen on Monday and Tuesday, which, again, has to do with people getting back to work and having to sort out work for the entire week.

Here are things to keep in mind when posting on social media networks relevant to days…

  • Post on Thursday and Friday
  • Avoid Monday and Tuesday
  • Try posting on Wednesday because certain niches might perform better.
  • Happiness index spikes on Friday by 10%

Best “Time” to Post – Facebook

Now that you have statistics on the most effective days to post on social networks, it’s important you know exactly what time engagement is at its highest.

For example, from the data I gathered, early afternoons are the best times to share content. Here’s a quick breakdown of the timing: “1 PM” gets the most shares while “3 PM” gets the most clicks.

Next, all niches seem to have performed well during this time, however, after “5 PM”, there is a 10% drop in engagement attributed to people traveling home, eating dinner, family time, etc.

Here’s a quick breakdown…

  • “1 PM” gets the most shares
  • “3 PM” gets the most clicks
  • “5 PM” there is a 10% drop in engagement
  • All niches perform well during these times

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