Blog Tips for Building an Audience in Less Time

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Blogging made easy for beginners, learn the Secrets.

Web content provides information for people that have a need. Creating a blog is a way to build a business that can be a hub of information for clients. Whether you’re selling a product or service adding value to the marketplace can be a long-term business.

Blog Tips for Building an Audience in Less Time

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Blogging needs to be centered around your brand, keywords, and details your buyers will need to make a buying decision.

Are you Blogging for the Sole Purpose of bringing in buying clients, selling products or services, or making money online? Blog Content Matters, if that’s your purpose, and there are five incredibly valuable tips to help you get the job done, without spending your entire day behind the keyboard.

#1 Blogging Tip – Stay focused on your Brand. You know who you are, why you do what you do, and who your market is – so speak that language. Talk to the people who will buy from you as if they’re sitting beside you as you write. Write your blog post about that person.

#2 Use Relevant Keywords – But write to real people, not a computer. The biggest issue most bloggers have is they start writing in keywords and get so caught up in the keyword generators, SEO, and search engine algorithms that they forget to write for the people who will READ what they write. People read – computer (or something like that) write for people. And smile! Who wants to talk to or listen to an old sourpuss? Smile.

#3 Include Real Content and Value – your readers can see silly jokes on Facebook all day long, but when they come to your blog, the jokesters probably are not coming to laugh at a repeat of what they just saw on social media. They want to see something of value. How about telling them a story about how you used and benefited from a specific product or service? Give them some meaty value, not just jabber. They want to know what makes you tick.

#4 Be REAL. This is the easy one and the shortest. Just be yourself when you write for your audience. That’s all they want, are YOU?

#5 Offer Reviews and Case Studies – product reviews, case studies, white papers, reports, and statistical realities are important. We all joke around that 98% of all statistics online are made up at the time they’re written, but 24% of the people who read what you write don’t want to make up statistics, they want verifiable reality. The other 36% just want to know you’re telling the truth and they can count on you. The rest… Well, they’re all over the map, and we didn’t look up their specifics.

Blog content should be valuable and relevant to increase your page rank and bring your site higher on the search engines.


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