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6 Steps to Easily Increase Blog Traffic I like Them All, Especially #1

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Creating Blog Traffic is what millions of people want to generate for their business, But there are so many ways to achieve this That it is so easy to get overwhelmed.

Well, I don’t want that to happen to you, so today Let me give you my insights for attracting visitor to Your website.

First of all, delivering massive value is your first step to Start attracting a Website Traffic and attaining a new audience.

Second of all, creating a personal brand infrastructure were all Your content links back to your blog.

Now day’s, it can be hard to keep track of how many Visitor your sites have. The purpose of this post is to help You get more traffic to your home based MLM.

Obvious, how to promote your blog, search engines Are giants for blog traffic generation and new content Are constant being created for readers.

                           Increase Blog Traffic

As Johnpaulaguira stated that Traffic is the most important part of a successful blogging business.

Furthermore, letting your personality show is a great way of Attracting new visitor through the value you offer.

Imagine for a moment with million searching online daily For information, having a site full of value and solution to Problem that your market is facing can drive massive traffic back to you.

Avoid the trap of spending a great deal of time and money perfecting a blog that looks awesome,
but doesn’t get seen by the people who are looking for what you have.

So many bloggers waste energy producing great content but fail to get noticed.

Some of the plainest blogs out in cyberspace are the ones that get loads of consistent traffic,
because they understand how to get their content all over the internet.

Every strategy that I will share with you here today is free.

You will want to pay close attention because you can accomplish laser
targeted traffic for free.

When I started blogging four years ago and I took a good look around at other websites and what
the leader in the industry was doing.

Creating relevant and fresh new content and posting it to social media Is your first step in generating new readers?

For example, to understand the value in a piece of content, ask yourself “What does the reader consider to be important” and “how can I best serve them.”

Using compelling images and ask a question at the end Of your post to grab your reader attention.

Certainly, Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms to add photos From your blog to drive traffic back to your site.

Many get confused about keywords so by adding your main keyword To the beginning of your title, your description and Tags are just a few ways to optimize your post.

As you can see, blog traffic can over time be generated when approaching In the right manner.

How can you use social media to boost blog traffic and grow your business exponentially!


Blog Traffic


Are you trying to get traffic to your blog but not getting any results?
You created a new blog post and you may be wondering what is the next step?
The value that your blog post serve is to educate in some form of way that other
will find helpful.

Google wants to see some synonyms and other things, but it still needs to see the keyword density.
You can teach and give marketing tips but you will first need to bring a visitor to that blog post.
That means that you have to put some work in to generate traffic to your content.

There are thousands of blogs on the internet so what can you do different from all the rest
to attract the new visitor. You do want to get traffic to your website, right? then lets dive right in.

If you need ideas, check out these Tips listed for generating blog traffic.


  • Create a consistent flow of content that can benefit your readers.
    you need to be creating high-quality content at least three times a week to start building authority.
  • Promoting your blog post on social media sites. that means that if you have accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram these are free accounts and you should be using the platforms to your advantage by sharing your post on the social networks. You can also create a page just for your blog.
  • Adding your blog post to your profile. People are on their social sites to socialize
    and connect with friends and love one so when someone comes across your profile they
    can see your link to make sure that your content is shareable.
  • Advertise I know you may be wondering do I need to spend money?
    Consider using google ads or Facebook ads to drive more traffic to your blog. Keep
    in mind that a simple $5 boost on Facebook can send hundreds if not thousands of readers to your blog.
  • Find out where your audience spends there time on the internet and build a relationship.
    Now there are a number of ways this can be done but you want to follow those who are already getting traffic sometimes just a little exposure is all you need to generate new blog traffic.
  • Utilize your content with SEO. Do a research on keywords that have high search and low competition also get help from an expert and find a keyword that works with your content and start working those keywords into your content.


Automated processes really help with cutting down on major time spent in front of the computer.

After an initial time investment with several sites, you will have your blog posts blasted to over
50+ sites simultaneously.

If you have a blog, you should also have at least one profile on each of the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the very least.

There is a very easy way to link your blog to your social media profiles so that every time you create
a new blog post it will automatically be sent to your social media profiles as well.

Networked Blogs will connect your blog to your Facebook profile, while Twitter feed will link your blog
to your Twitter profile.

Your LinkedIn account enables you to link your blog to your profile as well.

Another strategy to get more eyeballs on your content is to take blog posts and create individual Squidoo
lenses for each post.


When you put your content on trusted sites it creates backlinks that serve your blog well over time by
generating a traffic stream from that trusted site straight to yours if they like what they see on your lenses.

You also want to comment on high profile blogs within your niche, because most bloggers have a feature on
a blog that will list your blog’s URL with your comment.

Just make certain that you are leaving valuable and engaging comments that add to the conversation.

These are just a few free strategies that you can start implementing today that will increase your blog’s
exposure, which leads to more traffic.

Additionally, if you are giving valuable content, tips, and training on the front end you are grooming your
visitors to not only return, subscribe and engage, but they will be more likely to follow what you are up
to and convert to sales and more.


How to get hundreds of new Reader to your blog


Social media is a goldmine for your blog if utilized in the proper way. Lastly, joining groups on these social
platforms will further extend your reach, but just be certain to join relevant groups as it relates
to your content. Otherwise, you will come across as a cheesy spammer.


If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire…
then follow the breadcrumbs left by the top earners in the industry.

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