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3 Ways to Increase Your Personal Value

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To begin with, I believe that as a business leader in today’s increasingly, competitive marketplace, increasing your personal value is vital to your success.

Now you need to focus and resolve minor issues that most business owners are having in their business.

Additionally, Core value creation is more than just another buzz phrase, it is in fact, the key to business success and making money fast.

The future of content marketing is found in creating value through Articles, Video, and Blogs. Increasing your learning should never stop after high school or college.

Continuously seeking knowledge should be a lifelong pursuit.

Creating a unique value proposition and providing a solution is key to having a successful business. As Ray Higdon stated that it is all about branding yourself.

          3 Ways to Increase Your Personal Value

 1. Providing great value to the marketplace will move prospects through the funnel and position you as the top leader in your arsenal. Most important an Educational system that today and business owner need to Excel in their business.

 2. Talk to your clients If you want to build a reputation and win clients into your business. Some of the quickest building routes involve typing and talking with prospects.

3. Over Deliver can be a great tactic to get more visitor to your website or service you offer. It can also attract new clients and make more sales.

Finally, we work extensively with business-owner to achieve growth, strategy, and marketing as you develop your personal value.

The Age of The Information Entrepreneur

This has been changing rapidly, and now, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are starting to use e-books as a method of catapulting themselves into the limelight, using the option to become influencers and gain a following through sharing of information. The ones who are quite savvy about how they do this, loop the system back and use their e-books as part of a sales funnel, whether it’s apparent or not.

It used to be the case that the task of writing a book was tantamount to embarking on a long and arduous journey, that required long periods of time, great planning and dedication, an agent, the approval and acceptance of a publishing house, and more. This is no longer the case… Anyone who has wanted to write, can… and you can get your book published and ready to sell in less than 48 hours after it’s written.


And no, it doesn’t take a great level of skill or any secret or specialized knowledge… I’ve done it, and have helped others do the same just by following a few simple steps, and using more simple steps have gotten books to #1 ranking spots – for some of them, without even a review to reassure buyers, (though I wouldn’t recommend this). So, if it’s that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it, and why aren’t all entrepreneurs who have published online have booming businesses?

Well, in the answer lies what’s key… it’s not enough to simply write, what’s important is that you write content that others will find useful, and want to read, and more than that, essential for success is using that content in the right way. Let me expand…



1) Whatever your entrepreneurial niche, learn what it is that people want to know more about.

2) Write about this, keep it clear and simple… often short guides will get you further than long, complicated books.

3) Publishing is easy, get your books on Amazon.

4) Consider discounts and freebies… remember, it’s about exposure, publicity, and looping people back to you!

5) Build up a database of everywhere you can promote your books. Take the time to research the social media groups, blogs etc. Ensure that they’re appropriate to your niche.

6) Take the time to promote your discounts and freebies, and be honest and genuine about what your book delivers, and why people should get it.

7) In your books, direct people to your website, subscriptions, other books etc.

8) Always OFFER QUALITY & VALUE, and when you are looping people back to you, it should be to offer more value. Don’t use your books as a hook, only to steer people to an offer that isn’t worth the money or time they part with in exchange for it.

9) The more quality and value you offer, the more repeat customers you’ll gather.

10) Include snippets and tasters of your content on social media, blogs, forums etc.

11) Repeat… remember, if you are choosing to be an influencer through information, you have to keep at it.


And that’s it, in a nutshell! It is an era when anyone can be an author, so use your knowledge to your advantage!

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