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Facebook Is Making Change to Your News Feed

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Facebook has always focused their platform to be a platform were friends and family and old classmate can reconnect people.
Facebook is moving toward being a social platform and not so much advertising that you now see in your feed.
You know that there working towards you only seeing few sponsored posts and only a couple of posts that’s business related.


In spite of how you log on either from a Pc or your mobile device it not long before you see a few articles from news sites if any at all for that matter.
The company executive announce that some changes are on the way in regards particularly to the way the news feed feature works

Obviously, if you haven’t notice that Facebook has been tweaking its News Feed algorithms to deliver stories
that are relevant and of interest to people who are looking to be social.



  • The changes will roll out over the next couple of months across all platforms.

In the months ahead, the platform will start to prioritize posts from people who are important to you like friends and family.
During the early stages when Facebook first became popular, their focus was simply on communication between friends.


Are you ready for The new changes Facebook is about to roll out and how it’s to change the News Feed?


Mark Zuckerberg stated that One of our big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent.

As I stated earlier facebooks was primarily built to help bring people closer and connect with old and new friends.

Space is about to be limited in your Feed so some things may not show up in your feed as the new
changes take place.


Facebook is Starting To Push More Weight To Its Post from friends,

With the new changes ahead Facebook said it would give priority in its news feed to posts from users’ friends and family members.
Facebook has got a feedback from the community that produces content from brand and business that has been a conflict with people
looking to connect more and not be apart of a crowded space.

I’m sure Facebook would much rather make changes on its own than have its hand forced by regulators.


This has become a huge shift for Facebook, which until recently has been laser-focused on keeping users glued to the service.
Many bloggers and businesses have grown reliant on Facebook to spread information about their services.

Now with these changes taking place, it could very well put a dent in how they communicate with their audiences.
It’s obvious that the days of generating exposure as a business on Facebook could slowly be coming to an end.


” Some people need to realize that FACEBOOK is a social network, not a diary.”


Doing its research they realize that when people connect with each other on social media, it has been a positive effect.

I believe that new changes will be good for the community and our business over the long term.

We know that the social platform has made changes to its Facebook algorithm in the past but this time things might be a little different.

Facebook’s goal is to make people happier using the site again without all the cluttered from ads.

What do you think about these changes? Are you annoyed by how many unimportant posts you see in your News Feed?

Live video and posts askings for suggestions will not be affected and will actually be weighted higher.

facebook did not state exactly how soon it would put the changes in place but no that they are on the way.


How would these changes affect you in the way you use Facebook? Leave a comment and share

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