How to Create an Effective Presentation

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Entrepreneurs often carry different titles in the marketplace. Your role is to direct and align the right people with your business presentation and motivate your team to achieve success.

I believe that creating a business working from home can be fun and exciting. Therefore, before you create your visuals, make sure that you understand your audience. Although you began this journey online, it’s certain to share and commit to a common vision.


Most important to understand that all of the principles of your business interact and fit together to make a successful presentation and obviously make you an expert in your field.

First, this is a unique business model in which to help small companies build their business plan and create new strategies. Another as they move from idea to marketplace and covers key areas of development and the growth of their business using power point presentation.

The facts show great marketing requires a similar kind of attention to established a form of communication. Although the average person considerable need time and practice before they can talk confidently in front of an audience.

Most important you want your audience to listen to you present your presentation ideas and your information, rather than read the screen.

You can definitely increase your audience chances of accepting your ideas if you establish your credibility in the marketplace.

In conclusion, I like to state that understanding your audience and how to craft your business presentation to their needs can greatly position you as a leader in your field.


How to Present Your Presentation For Business

The main purpose of this article is to inform my readers about how they can effectively present their product or service and recruit more peoples into their business with these presentation tips.

In order for your business to be successful certain, you are the one person it needs to achieve that goal.

I believe that the one thing you must do in order to engage and grow your business is to communicate well. Touching on a few key points of your business in 20-45 words gives your audience an idea of the value your service offer.Mic_crop380w

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly learning and growing and you will always need to know more about your business.


Developing affective-organized speech is more understandable, credible, and memorable than one that doesn’t engage your audience.

Building your critical thinking is important when organizing your central idea of your speech into a sequence. If you want to present a powerful presentation here are a few pointer I strongly recommend include in your outline.
Introduction Your speech has two main goals: first to capture and hold your audience attention and interest. Second is to prepare your audience intellection for the body of the speech.

Asking a Question Asking a question can be one of the most powerful and effective ways to intrigue your audience.

Relate to Story Telling a story is one of the effective ways to begin a speech because some peoples love to listen.
Arouse Curiosity An effective attention getter presentation will be one that piques the curiosity of your audience.


When you are presenting your coaching services as a teleclass or as group coaching, there are several ways to “deliver the goods” to your clients.

The “traditional” way is through a series of emails with class materials attached. This way would look something like this:

  • Email 1: Welcome to class and include dates for all calls as well as manual or “homework” for the first class.
  • Email 2: The day before live class send a reminder. Attachment will include written materials for the class (manual/homework etc)
  • Email 3: Day after class. Attachments include a recording of class and repeat of written materials sent previously.
  • Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each class in your series.

The advantages of the “traditional delivery method” are:

  • Initial costs are low. You probably already have (or should have!) an email delivery system in place.

The disadvantages of this method are:

    • It’s not “evergreen.” Repurposing of your coaching materials is paramount to your services being effective and efficient. “Reinventing the wheel” for each new class or group is not. Each class will require the same energy and time commitment as the first.


    • Emails get lost or (gasp!) sent to the dreaded spam folder. Then each client has to email you to get the course materials and downloads. This often happens at the last minute when YOU are preparing for your live class.


  • Problems with email attachments/downloads. With so many different email delivery programs, there will always be issues with an attachment or download not going through to someone. In the case of your call recordings, the files are too large for most email programs. So they have to be stored online somewhere for download. While it may seem “old hat” to you and me to download files, some of your clients may not have a clue.

The NEW Trend in coaching delivery services is Membership Portals. You may think of these portals as websites committed specifically to your coaching program. They are membership sites so only your students can access the valuable information and tools you provide.

The Membership Portal delivery method looks something like this:

    • Set up your Membership Site. This site has your branding. You can load all your materials – manuals, homework etc. into your site set up much like the chapters in a book. Each “chapter” or “module” can be time released so information is dripped to students as needed.


    • Enroll your students and they have immediate access to read the course materials online or download to their computer. You can also give them access to any “bonus” material.


    • You can also include a forum where students can interact or ask YOU questions.


  • You will still send reminder emails but they will refer to the site for all downloads.

The advantages of the Membership Portal method are:

    • It is “evergreen.” Starting a new class every 3 months? No problem. Make a few quick edits to your portal and you start enrolling the new class!


    • Repurpose. After your first class, you have the recordings from each of your awesome live presentations. Maybe you want residual income without having to repeat the class lives? With everything in the membership portal, you can now sell access to the portal as a “self-guided” coaching program.


  • Convenience for your students. All class dates, materials and recordings are in one convenient place. You, students, don’t have to be searching for that email you sent them last week. They just log on to the portal and read or download at their convenience!

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