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How To Generate Traffic Using Video Marketing

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Video MarketingTry enhancing video marketing to get more traffic to your sites.

Take advantage of this, and give your customers the opportunity to tell you about their struggles.



Having the right tools is essential to having a successful online business! As with any opportunity without them, your business won’t move as you would like.

First, writing a sales letter and direct mail to increase response rate by 100%. Increase your ranking increases your traffic and Increase your traffic increase your income.

Secondly, RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and it’s a new way to allow people to access your sites through multiple channels.

A blog is one of the keys to having a successful blog as it helps you become an “expert” in your niche.

Also, you gain credibility by providing advice and finding solutions to problems people may have in the marketplace.

The great thing about posting a message on a forum is that most of them allow you to add a signature file to your profile so every time someone visits your post a link to your site appears as well.

How to Make Video Marketing Fun


So my advice to you is to do a video search in your niche market and market regular.

Over time, as you become helpful and provide your expertise, people are likely to visit your blog and buy your products.

Another advantage of using forums is that many of them are crawl by search engines. The more post you have on the forums you are a part of, the more places your links will appear.

Researching will help you find those online video marketing opportunities that exist in your marketplace. Advanced strategies for finding relevant, high-traffic, high-quality keywords in your market.

Can’t exclude our good friend “Google” and keyword planner. Link exchange with other internet marketing related sites and search engines.

Videos can be a great way to market your business to a wider audience. One good thing about videos is it conveys professionalism and shows that you are a person to be taken seriously.


No one likes to read chunks and chunks of information, and videos can be a great way to spread information to a wide audience because they are easy to digest and are generally more interesting to view. You can use videos as an alternative source for providing information to your followers as well.

One good way to market your business using videos is through the viral effect. Interesting, quirky videos can be easily shared over social networks and can be easily uploaded onto video sharing sites such as YouTube and Metacafe.


Speaking of YouTube, YouTube is largest video search engine in the world and you can upload videos for free. You can draw extra traffic to your website by adding a call to action at the end of the video and include links to your websites under at the description box.

If you frequently post videos, you can ask your video sharing community to subscribe to your YouTube account for more cool videos.

Ever tried making a profile video? A profile video with you starring in it can convey sincerity and allows people to connect with you at a more personal level, it’ll let them go thinking…”Hey, he’s just like me”

One more way to market your business is through video testimonials or reviews. The human factor in video testimonials makes your products seem more genuine and believable. This source of social proof can boost your profits up a notch.

In short, videos make a great addition to your marketing arsenal and should be implemented in addition to your conventional marketing methods.

In conclusion to using video marketing, it allows you to help in the effort to get your business out where others can find you and get new clients for your business.


Top 3 Video Marketing Trends for 2017

As we dive further into a new year, it’s time to think about the marketing trends that will dominate this year and how you can use them to increase the reach of your brand. Visual marketing is increasingly where it’s at in a world where we are surrounded almost 24/7 by phone screens, tablet screens, computer screens, and TVs giving us a constant stream of information. Keep visual marketing at the forefront of your plan with these video marketing trends.

    1. Branded Video Content – If you don’t have it already, now is the time to catch up on establishing your YouTube channel and compiling your collection of branded videos that talk about your services and products. You may be surprised at how many loyal followers you gain on your video channel. The more relevant and useful your content can be, the better response you will get. The trend right now is to combine your high-quality video content online with online ads, either through search engine marketing on Google and Bing or on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


    1. Home Page and Product or Service Page Videos – More and more, consumers want to hear your story. They aren’t just buying your product; they are investing in a relationship with your brand. Placing videos on your homepage and product and service pages allow them to engage more intimately with your brand from the comfort of their mobile screen. An added benefit is that traffic gets a visual representation of what you do and who you are. Put a little thought into how you want to be presented to your target market and create a video they would love. When they see that first on your page, you’ve already sold them.


  1. Email Marketing Videos – Email marketing is seeing a resurgence this year. Although it seemed to be on the way out because of other mediums, such as social media, email marketing remains a great way to reach your devoted customer base and nurture new relationships. Videos are the latest trend to hit email marketing. They serve the same function in your emails as they do on your website – encourage customer interaction with your brand.

Remember all video content to keep your message short, interesting, and to the point. The average audience will not watch a video beyond three or four minutes and one to two minutes really hits the sweet spot for audience engagement.

How has video marketing helped your business?

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