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How To Increase Traffic to Your Website From Social Media

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 Increase Traffic to your websiteHave you learned the proper way to post on social media to make more sales?


If you want to Increase Traffic to your website and noticed, you need to write better headlines and use compelling visuals.

Avoid the trap of spending a great deal of time and money perfecting a blog that looks awesome, but doesn’t get seen by the people who are looking for what you have.

So many bloggers waste energy producing great content but fail to get noticed.

Most blogs out in cyberspace are the simple design ones that get loads
of consistent traffic because they understand how to get there
content all over the internet.

Every strategy that I will share with you here today is free.

You will want to pay close attention to what I am about to share
because you can accomplish laser targeted traffic for free.



  1.  Social media sites already become viral and they give tremendous
    exposure to your blogs
  2. Forums Then start creating link bait content that naturally
    attracts links from other blogs.
  3.  Model your competitors do your research and find out what
    sites are sending traffic back to their content.
  4. Ping every blog post by doing this each time you create a viral piece of content it helps search engines index your blog contents faster and which will result in more exposure.

How to Increase Traffic to your website for Free

After creating a new post on your blog your next step you
probably want to happen is to position it for people find it.

Understanding these simple metric will help you develop blog
posts that actually get read and more website page views.

You may have read other blogs talk about writing comments
on other blogs and linking out to related blogs.

While other even join other traffic exchange site to get more exposure back to their site.

Google has Google-Bot that find new content on the web and crawl it
and prepare it for indexing.

If you have a blog, you should also have at least one social networking profile
on each of the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter
and LinkedIn at the very least.

There is a very easy way to link your blog to your social media profiles
so that every time you create a new blog post it will automatically be
sent to your social media profiles as well.

Ways To Increase Traffic to your website or Blog

Networked Blogs will connect your blog to your Facebook profile and
while Twitter feed will link your blog to your Twitter profile.

Your LinkedIn account also enables you to link your blog to your profile as well.

Another strategy to get more eyeballs on your content is to take blog posts
and create individual Squidoo lenses for each post.

When you put your content on trusted sites it creates backlinks that serve
your blog well over time by generating a traffic stream from that trusted
site straight to yours if they like what they see on your lenses.

Just make certain that you are leaving valuable and engaging content
that add to the conversation.

These are just a few free Online Exposures strategies that you can start implementing
today that will increase your blog’s exposure, which leads to more traffic.

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