How to Have an Endless Flow of Blog Post Ideas

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It is safe to say that you are experiencing an inability to write? Your mind runs clear and you don’t know where to start. It enables you to have a particular routine set up. It’s disappointing particularly in the event that you are a blogger since the content of your blog is the lifeline. It is the meat and potato of your content writing business.

Does this sound like you? Possibly you’re in a race to get a blog post distributed yet you can’t discover the motivation to distribute a unique post.

You should always maintain a list of potential blog post ideas that you can pull from to create the perfect blog post your audience will devour.

In any situation, it is imperative to have a vault stockpile of blog post ideas prepared to chip away at so you can be a steady distributor.



You could brainstorm ideas or create mind maps for your content. However, there is an easier way to come up with blog posts ideas and consistent content that you can publish weekly.

I want to share with you three easy ways you can come up with blog post ideas rather quickly.


1. Article feature generator from Tweak Your Biz. I have since stumbled across a site that will clergyman many features that you can use as thoughts for your blog entries. The site is called Tweak Your Biz. When you go to you will see a space where you can enter your catchphrase or expression.

You can either choose your keyword to be a noun or verb, then hit submit. You will then see headlines for how to posts, list posts, posts that ask questions and more. This tool will save you time when you are in a rush to come up with articles to write.


2. Get Ideas from posts you have already written. You can generate ideas from the bullet points or subheadings you have within your articles. These can serve as more in-depth articles that can be linked back to the original post. As a blogger, you should be linking your posts together to help people to stay on your site longer. It reduces the bounce rate.


3. Ideas from blog categories and tags. If you are a using the WordPress platform you can look at the blog categories that you use the most for ideas. If you are using the Blogger platform you can look at the tags. This approach can serve as a prompt to think about what you can write about. All you need to do is to take those categories or tags and write 5 ideas for each.

It is important to have a continuous flow of ideas as a blogger to keep your site updated. I would suggest that you keep all of your greatest ideas organized in an Excel file or in Google Docs. You can also use project management software such as Trello or Asana. You can also keep the headlines within the backend of your blogging platform and create an outline. Doing this will keep you consistently writing on your blog.


Note, you do not have to publish every day. However, writing consistently will help you to stick to a weekly publishing schedule.

I wanted to share these tips with you to show you how easy it is to come up with content when you are stuck.

What issues do you see your audience hoping to understand? What do they struggle with, what do they get disappointed by, and what is their agony? At that point, learn approaches to help solve those issues. With regards to composing blog content, MOST of my content is created from training and courses in my objective niche.

By staying connected to top social sites and forums online you will never run out of blog post ideas to write about.

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