How to make money selling digital eBooks on Amazon

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Developing a business and make money selling eBooks to sites like amazon and Click bank. You will be glad to know that Amazon.com has low-cost options that will allow you to easily reach tens of millions of customers quickly.

They offer options fimages (36)or selling your digital eBooks through a Digital Text Platform.

And eBooks can be quickly added to the Kindle Store for sale.

Amazon’s self-publishing tool guides you quickly and easily through the process of uploading and formatting your books so they look professional.

                        How to make money with Amazon

Now that you’ve created some eBooks and you’re ready to sell and make money. Head over to amazon and create yourself an account and began collecting your earning.

Once you are signed in, you will be prompted through the set-up process. By clicking on the “My Shelf” button, you are on your way to putting your book on the shelf.

This is where you add a new item by entering your publication details. This includes providing the title of the publication and the author, both of which are required responses. You also have the option to place your digital eBook in a category which makes it easier for customers to find.

Using keywords that make the book easily discovered is recommended and you can simply click on the pop-up boxes to enter this information as part of the set-up.

Entering basic information gets you to the next step in the process which is uploading and previewing your book and start to make money.

Browsing your computer to locate the eBook makes it easy to upload. Many formats are acceptable including HTML, plain text, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Reader.

One important tip is warranted here. HTML allows you to experience the best conversion results so if possible, using HTML is a good idea.

Upload the eBook, preview and edit it for any needed changes in formatting, and save your file. Make sure to modify any content that appears inappropriate or difficult to read once it is uploaded.

You can preview the eBook and see it exactly as customers will see it once they download it. This step is very important because it ensures your format is professional and high quality.

Finally, now that you have an eBook that you’re now ready to sell and ready to start creating wealth for your family and make money doing the things you love.







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