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How Video Marketing Tripled My Daily Email Opt-In Rate

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“You must expect great things about yourself before you can do them.”

As you read every word of this article, you will soon discover the No.1 secret many online marketers use today to drive a ton of targeted traffic to their sites in a manner of hours.
In fact, this technique has proved to be so powerful, it has become the latest buzzword in video marketing circles.

Obviously, In order for this to work, you must verify your website or blog with YouTube.
You can only link to the website that is verified.

You may have been wondering how can you add a clickable call to action within your youtube video.

You can use some standard future that youtube has however if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd by looking more professional using software such as photoshop or canvas to really make your video pop.


OK, back to what we were saying…the hottest trend right now is video marketing.

That’s right, online video.



Can Video Marketing Clips Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website?

You see, just like television became ubiquitous in the 1950s,

online video is simply ‘EXPLODING’ in widespread popularity as you read through this article you will find out WHY.


The best part – due to recent changes in technology, it’s now super easy for even ‘non-geeks’ like us to post amazingly
powerful videos online in double quick time!


I recommend adding a prominent call-to-action message in your video software during editing.

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