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List Building The Secret to Making Money

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Have you ever wondered how to effectively use Internet Marketing to build your list?

I certainly you’ve been trying to find creative tools to help you generate more leads with your blog?

So many people ask me for tips on list building so I thought I create a blog post on it.

Obviously, if you are leading your prospects to your company website you will never build your list of people interest in your service.

Now that you made a decision to started and have zero lists, you need what I’m going to share
more than anybody and YES, this will work for you.


list building

Many marketers see the value in joining a business model that educational and
they understand the power of blogging.

I recently discovered this strategy that has done wonders, and I wanted to
share it with you so you can begin building your list!

List building is critical for anyone that is marketing pretty much anything online.

However, there are some who don’t yet understand the importance of list building.

Building a list ensures that you have an audience to speak to whenever you have
something of value to share, whether that is training or products and services to sell.

If you can build a list of 200 e-mail subscribers, you will make money online.

Fortunately, most marketers still treat their list like total strangers instead
of building a relationship and following up with them.



How to Build an Email List

If your lifestyle and time is important and you want to reclaim your freedom
and ready to build the business of your dreams it all starts with a list.

You may be asking yourself what is a list? A list is nothing more than
contact information including names, email addresses of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

I’m going to show you one of my favorite spots to find prospects and build your list “Social Media.”


So how do you engage people in a way that cause them to give you their contact information?
By offering them something that is valuable to them.

Something that they feel is of value and worth exchanging their email address for.

In order to be successful at list building, you must know who your audience is
and understand what their struggles are and provide a solution to their problems.


For example, if your audience is in the health and wellness, then you need have an idea as to what are
there struggles.

Perhaps it’s having more energy, or how to get bikini before the summer.
Whatever problem you decide to hone in on, make sure you offer them the solution.

A stressed-out mom who works from home with a couple of kids running around who comes
across your content offering her valuable solutions to her problems, will be more
than willing to give you her email address in exchange for your knowledge.


If you present your content in a way that she can identify with then
she will likely connect to you more than she would someone in a business suit
with their arms crossed.

It is critical to know who you are speaking to in order to build a list
and become the solution.

But more importantly, you want to build a responsive list.

Therefore, you want to hang out in places where these moms spend her time whether that
is online or offline.

When you approach it the right way your list comes into play with your business model very smoothly.


Because now as you blog about the issues that work-at-home moms face, and offer
valuable resources and solutions, now you can send your blog posts directly to the
moms who are interested in what you are talking about.
Also, you can create a video sharing a personal story of how the product or service has helped you or others.

Benefits of Building an Email List

  • Email your list a link to a bonus page on your site
  • Email promotions
  • Can attract people to your blog through your value.
  • Can notify your audience of new products.
  • It enables you to communicate with your qualified audience.
  • You can tailor your message and target to your ideal audience.

Once you have a list, whether it is just a couple of people or hundreds,
you now have an audience whom you can talk to and share information,
as well as sell your products and services to.


It becomes an on-going relationship, not just a hit and runs. So your list building
only serves to enhance and grow your business.

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