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Social networking sites can be a huge way to drive target traffic to your blog or products. Social media is probably the most phenomenal invention business ever conceived by man sincebusiness

The birth of the World Wide Web, And even though earlier versions of online communication have advanced since the earliest days of the internet, nothing compares to the versatility, Ease of use, and fun factor of social media.

Making sure your readers can find and follow you on their favorite social networking sites and engaging with them make’s it easy for your readers to share your post on their social networking sites.

Doing this alone can bring in thousands of additional visitors to your blog and commerce is not slow to realize the profit potential of social

Many businesses and investors quickly realized the huge potential that social media holds. Marketers realize that effectively using social media sites to advertise their products can increase sales.

Also using social media to gather useful information which can be used for their marketing strategies.

                                Using Social Media For Business



Article marketing can also be a great technique to generate both short term and long term traffic to your blog. It is a form of marketing resources in which articles are strategically placed on the Internet for the purpose of promoting a specific website or blog. Everyone is talking about how important content is these days.download (12)

Just as important as the content is, you still need to make sure you are writing your articles in the right format and using the proper keywords and tags properly.

The titles you use are extremely important when it comes to attracting viewers and improving your search engine optimization. Your content should entice curiosity while staying relevant to your message.
When trying to drive traffic to your blog by writing articles you should focus on two things, which are to produce traffic to your blog and to build quality backlinks.


                                                         Social Bookmarking


Many people are curious about the viral results you can achieve from using sites such as Stumble upon, Digg or Delicious.

They don’t understand how to market to these sites and think that they only send you traffic that doesn’t last so they don’t even consider generating traffic from them.

It’s an important part of any traffic building strategy. The more social media traffic you get, the more likely your blog is going to get a lot more traffic in the long run from search engines.

Using it in the right way, social bookmarking can introduce sites to others with relevant tastes, send a lot of traffic to your site, and add valuable backlinks to your site as well when utilizing these marketing resources for business.

On-Page Optimization


On-page optimization consists of creating your website and its content in accordance of what major

Search engines are looking for in terms of how each search engine ranks web pages in search results.images (30)

On page, Optimization has many facets from content creation, Meta description optimization, to technical

Improvements that can be done to enhance your website like improving page load times. I will discuss the

Most important marketing resources areas to optimize on your website, and how to do so, in this post. You may not know what a title tag is, but you have seen it.

Every time you perform a Google search, websites with relevant title tags usually show up at the top of the page. Title tags might be the most important factor in your on-page SEO strategy.

You can assume title tags are a major ranking factor for at least Google and have a big impact on how your website ranks and if users will click-through to your website once you do show up in the rankings.

The title tag needs to be descriptive and

Utilize targeted keyword phrases that you want to rank for and that represent the page accurately.



                                                       Web 2.0 Sites

When utilizing article marketing, guest blogging and other marketing resources to get traffic to your blog, one great tactic that can be very effective in driving traffic to your product or blog are content.

Web 2.0 sites such as Squid and Hub pages have the potential to drive thousands of visits to your blog.images (36)

Hub page is a great way to get your content shared in which can cause it to go viral. The key to online writing success is to write high-quality, engaging, useful, and informative content.

Another excellent way to build incoming links to your site is through the use of unique content creation and web 2.0 properties.


In conclusion, when utilizing hub page, you have the ability to connect with business in your niche with a community of business and enthusiasts.

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