Social Media Day 2014 Is Official in These Cities

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Social media connects millions of people around the world. In 2010, Mashable launched Social Media Day to celebrate this global revolution, and highlight the ways social media and digital innovation have come to define this generation.

Last year, thousands of people around the world celebrated the day, from Australia and Costa Rica to Sri Lanka and Miami. This year, Mashable and the world will come together for the fifth-annual Social Media Day on June 30.

You can participate in Social Media Day online by connecting with other users via social media by using the hashtag #SMDay, or offline by meeting with with people in real life at one of the many Mashable Meetup Community events being organized around the world.

In order for Social Media Day to be proclaimed an official holiday in your town, people must come together, and petition their state or local government for an official proclamation. We’ve rounded up all of the official Social Media Day 2014 proclamations, here:

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