Top 9 Questions Every Interviewer Should Ask When Recruiting

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I started my career off as a blogger 4 years ago as I produce content on varies topic about marketing, recruiting, and sales.

As I started watching sales training and taking courses on how to become a better Interviewer to build up my skillset

I have learned a few thing along the way.

I believe that It’s Important to keep your audience in mind when creating a piece of copy and knowing exactly what they

want will help you develop ways to reach them through your writing. I have made lots of mistakes along the way as we all

will when learning a new skill and how to strategize in a way that develops your brand.


For this reason, having such demand for sales development in today’s marketplace the talent has blown through the roof.

As we take the time and explore how sales managers develop their skills as an Interviewer and attract the right people

to the position that’s needed to be filled.

In order for sales to hit it’s set target, you want to be certain that you get the right candidates to help the growth of your

business and produces sales.


For this reason, a lot of sales manager may even use question to find out how candidates may react in a difficult

environment and knowing how they respond you can determine their skill set.

You know that sale manager also want to know just how much research a person has done about particular
a firm that there looking to partner with there goals into their decision.

In my opinion, some manager are prescriptive with just about every aspect of the sales process, from prospecting
to recruiting and even the closing process when Interviewing.


Some believe that salespeople need to respect the sales techniques and recommendation of there manage
and approving of there trust doesn’t come easy.

The Question below is an indicator of how well suited a prospect may be for that position. obviously,

their interest in knowing what set you apart from others and as you give them detail about what you’re skillful

at It’s important these traits will align with your firm.



Here is a few interview question that top sales leader may ask.

  1. What is the status of our sales pipeline?
  2. What drives or motivates you?
  3. Where are you with the recruitment of a new representative?
  4. What are your short- and long-term career goals?
  5. Where do you see yourself in 12 months?
  6. Do you tend to take things personally?
  7. How do you deal with rejection?
  8. Who is your toughest competitor–and what are they doing right?
  9. How do your sales experience represent your work ethic?

How To Develop The Top Producing Salespeople When Interviewing


There are three letters all owners and managers should etch in their brains anytime a decision is made to hire a new employee. The three letters are TEC, which stand for Talent, Experience, and Chemistry.

The highest odds of success when hiring a new employee is to make sure the individuals you hire possesses these three characteristics the raw Talent to do the job, the Experience gained from having performed a similar job before and having performed it well and the right Chemistry to fit into the organization.

Now for a critical question: For the second highest odds of success, which character would you eliminate: Talent, Experience or Chemistry?

The answer, of course, is Experience. Why experience?


There is one obvious reason: because the experience is all you can teach. Talent and Chemistry are innate or inborn.

To test your resolve with regard to Talent and Chemistry, ask yourself this question: what has been your track record at changing people? I believe most owners and managers would agree that changing people is next to impossible.

Yet many owners and managers are most likely to think about the experience first, not last.


They are looking first for a salesperson who already possesses product knowledge and hopefully someone who can bring interview tips and business to the job.

Because so often when interviewer relates to salespeople I learn that they have worked for two or three of my competitors, it’s easy to get the impression that a lot of local owners and managers in my industry are recycling each other’s rejects. Could this be true of your industry, as well?

The themes above show up in every teacher interview. Practice them, be prepared for them, and review them on a regular basis.


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