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Twitter Has develop Snap chat-style tool For Sharing Video

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Social media has played a vital role In the growth of many businesses online today with
twitter is one of the top platforms to build a brand.

Twitter in recent months has introduced changes to the platform to improve the user experience.

You know video marketing has been one of the top ways to build rapport but did you
also, know that Twitter is now working on a new video style feature one that similar to snap chat.


Obviously, for the design of the camera center product haven’t yet been finalize and continuing
making changes and suggest that it remains unidentified until completion before being made publicly.

For this reason, Twitter did not immediately respond to requests for comment about finalizing the product.
The purpose of this Snapchat-style tool is design to makes it simpler for users to post videos using the app.

Twitter’s latest change suggests that Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is taking cues from the
newer company as well.

 Discover HowTwitter developing Snapchat-style tool For Video sharing


In addition, we can see that Facebook has started to adapt videos clips and Facebook live video in a way that
help provide engaging for its user.

With just a swipe, users can see the photo and video messages from friends using the app.

Also, Dorsey has made changes in Twitter timeline, notifications, the Explore tab, and interface
in the effort of making the platform easier to use.

In fact, this snap chat feature will make sharing photos and video on Twitter simple and easier while
posting live updates up to 280 characters frequently to the platform daily.


Snapchat users have long been known to be a creative bunch as it has been used by a
younger audience to connect with friends.

Snapchat Inc. has 150 million people using the service each day in which makes it just as popular
like other social media sites by its active users.

Twitter has since grown to a staggering 310 million monthly active users, according to its most recent
earnings report.

Did you know that Snapchat’s other content, such as news and Live Stories, disappear after 24 hours?
This is still the only social media app to open directly to the camera.

As you can see these changes are all put in place to make the experience easier for users who use
it’s platform.


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