5 Secret ways to Use Facebook Offers

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Are you using Facebook offers to grow your Facebook Page?


In this article, I’ll share the five ways to increase your fan with Facebook offers.
Certainly, the main goal of your Facebook Page is to grow your likes and your targeted fans.

Because one way of achieving that is by taking advantage of Facebook Offers.
With Facebook offers, you can share a discount with your audience by posting an offer on
your Facebook Page.

And if you decide that want to stop running an Offer before it expires, you can always delete it by

hovering over the offer and click the icon.

How to Successfully Design a Facebook Offer

Obviously, to make sure your offer is claimed as well as shared, you should consider the headline
and the image you use along with the value of the offer.

Every task is different, and you can test different offers to find out what your fans respond to best.

Remember, if people don’t understand what your offer is, they might think
its spam and hide it from their News Feed or unlike your Page.

Suddenly you panic and that is not what you want to happen, so make sure your offer is clear.

Certainly, there is no minimum value or discount required to create a Facebook offer.
However, discounts of 20% or more will usually reach the most people, and
giving something away free usually performs better than offering a discount.

How do People Claim Your Facebook Offer?

Now your visitor simply clicks ‘Get Offer’ and an email will then be sent to them.
The person will then need to print the email and bring it to your business to
redeem it for whatever the offer was.

You should make sure all of your friends on Facebook are aware of the Facebook Offers you are
running and that they know how to honor and process these offers, otherwise you will
have unhappy customers, who will be quick to share their bad experience with their friends.

if it doesn’t work for your business the first time, consider changing the offer and set another date.

How to Create an Amazing Facebook Offer

You must have at least 400 likes in order to take advantage of
Here are the steps you need to follow to create your offer.

remember when just starting out  set a small budget to test it out before

1. On your Facebook Page’s Timeline go to the sharing tool. Click Offer, Event+ and then click Offer.
2. Fill out all of the details about your offer.

This includes your Headline, uploading your image, adding an expiration date, and choosing your audience.

3. Click the ‘More Options’ and add your start date, terms & conditions, and online redemption.
4. Preview your offer and when you are satisfied click ‘Post Offer.’

5.  To keep the engagement going you can set an expiration date for your offer.


There you have it. It’s as easy as these four steps to create your own Facebook Offer
and begin to enjoy the benefits of both increasing your Likes and bringing potentially
new customers into your store.

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