Ways to Ask for Employee Referrals On Social Media

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 Ask referrals from your existing client base

In this post, you will learn that employee referrals build a seller’s trustworthiness and credibility
so capitalize on your existing customer base and ask them do they know of any.

Make sure that the first person that you ask is one of your best clients because
satisfied clients are already raving fans and they’re boiling over with people that
they believe can already benefit from your service.

However, don’t wait for them to tell you but take the initiative to ask them
to share 2-3 business referral that they think could benefit from your service.

They will be boiling over with excitement sharing the leads with you as they can
refer you to potential customers that will be an ideal fit for your business.

Why Employee Referrals are the Best

Put a sales referral process into place now to drive high-quality referrals
consistently so that you’re always growing your business.

Keep in mind that when you give a referral It’s one of the best ways to get one in return.

For example,

“I have taken so much pleasure working with you and having you
as my client. I would really love to have the opportunity to return the favor and provide service to your family and friends
 Maybe you can set an appointment with us so we can meet? That would be truly appreciated.”

Or you can simply start asking for referrals names and contact information and contact them yourself
but open the conversation with

“(the name of your client) referred me and thought you would be able to benefit from our services”.

Don’t forget to send a thank you gift as a token of gratitude to your customer.

This will make them happy and may even lead to more new clients in the future.

Ways to Attract More Employee Referrals

Establish trust with small businesses that cater to the same audience will build
associations with other employee referral program in your community that accommodate the same
market as yours.

What you’re going to do is approach businesses that provide different products or services
than yours.

For example

If you’re selling health and wellness products the businesses that you’re
likely to attract is an people who are the local gyms, sports associations, and alternative
medical practitioners.

Introduce your products to these organizations and ask if they can refer you to their clients.

describe the benefits and advantages that the partnership can bring to them like telling
them that you’ll also refer their businesses to your clients.

Doing so can easily gain the employee referrals approval since it’s going to benefit both


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