Your Sales Strategy Shouldn’t Rely on a Cold Call

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There’s a reason people are glued to their cellphones β€” and it doesn’t have anything to do with web browsing, GPS or streaming capabilities. Fancy features are just icing on the mobile cake. We’re attached to these devices because they connect us to the people who matter. Whether the voice on the other end is my wife, babysitter, colleague or customer, the calls I make and receive are important to me.

Now, think about the people who call your desk at work: Unknown numbers, vendors and salespeople. For me, it’s usually people that mispronounce my name and think I work for a company called “Hot Stop.” Unplugging your desk phone is the new “Mark as Spam.” At least our executive team thinks so β€” this tweet from our VP of Content Joe Chernov sums it up perfectly:

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